WELL...it's been a while since I put anything new on CD, and with my approaching brithday I decided to put the past year's "basement tapes" into a collection. The result is "54" (which just happens to be both my age and the number of songs in the set).

It's the usual "eclectic soup" from my muse - from rock to folk to schmaltzy 60's bossa novas to country.

The most significant change between this set and my previous works is that these tunes were recorded entirely with Garageband (made on a mac!) all by myself. Hope you enjoy!

The three CDs are not themed at all - pretty much started with all the songs in alphabetical order by title, then moved a few things around to keep the variety a sort of "shuffle." Song samples are in the column here at the right.

Available for the modest sum of US$25.00 plus S&H.


(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

DISC ONE: "Get a Little Happy"

1. Another Year
2. A Ways To Go
3. Nothin' To Do With Me
4. All These Dreams
5. Do What Your Momma Said
6. A Matter of History
7. Bars on the Windows
8. Bitter Seeds
9. Cry On Me
10. Don't Forget
11. Ever Since Forever
12. Falling
13. Give Me A Natural Woman
14. Honest and True
15. Honey, We're Home
16. Hey, Neighbor!
17. I Do (The Unity Candle)
18. Get A Little Happy!

DISC TWO: "Garden of Dreams"

1. Woman in the Night
2. One I Love
3. So This Is What It's Like
4. Right Where I Belong
5. Stay As You Are
6. Take It On The Road
7. We've Got It Good, Babe
8. The Old Treasure Chest
9. Thinkin' 'Bout You
10. Time To Move Along
11. Too Long Together
12. The Sprink-uh-ler song
13. We Need More Time To Love
14. When October Comes Around
15. Trees
16. You Have No Idea
17. When I Hold You
18. (In My) Garden of Dreams

DISC THREE: "Middle of Nowhere"

1. Monkeys All In A Row
2. I Heard A Rumor
3. It's Amazing
4. I'd Do The Same For You
5. I'll Stay Home
6. It's Heaven With You
7. Just Ain't Workin' Out
8. On The Loose
9. Just No Reason
10. Live The Golden Rule
11. The Long, Dark Night
12. Lookin' For The Enemy
13. Oh No You Don't!
14. Magic Menu (Food!)
15. Man Talkin'
16. Not Gonna Change Your Mind
17. Nothin' Is Easy
18. In The Middle of Nowhere