Another year's worth of songwriting and basement recordings!

CD #1 is all acoustically recorded - just me and my instruments.
CD #2 is me and my instruments and my computerized accompaniment - drums kits, horns, strings, and special effects from GarageBand.

Available for the modest sum of US$15.00 plus S&H.


(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

DISC ONE: "acoustic"

1. Folk Singer
2. What Could Be Easier?
3. Deep Deep Dream
4. That Moon
5. Leave Me Alone
6. The Music Of My Soul
7. Tell Me A Story
8. Wavin'
9. Carolette
10. This River
11. The World A-Rollin' By
12. That's What I Got You For
13. Bloody Royal Pride
14. Sparks
15. One Shoe
16. That Door Is Closed
17. Something About Your Love
18. The People on the Paper
19. It Isn't So
20. If I Had A Band

DISC TWO: "electric"

1. Ain't Nothin' Special
2. I Hope You Choose To Stay
3. Ballerina Spirit
4. And I Go Again
5. Carolette
6. The Call of the Muse
7. Darlin' I Can Love You
8. Glad To Be Alone
9. All There Is Is Now
10. Gonna Be Right Here
11. Bloody Royal Pride
12. If Our Parents Had Known
13. Dark Charm
14. I'll Just Go
15. Leave Me Alone
16. If Only We Could...
17. What's Your Name?
18. Run
19. It Is What It Is
20. If I Die Today