I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism back in 1981, and was immediately hooked on the escapism, the counter-culture, the history, the hands-on accomplishments, and the more-or-less ancient folk music. Within a few months of joining, I began to write some folksy ballads about the people I'd met or the stories I'd heard - and began to make up a few of my own, too.

This two-CD set (which began, of course, as a pair of cassettes) has been moderately popular for over two decades now, and most of the tunes here are "remixed" from the master tapes - a few have been re-recorded.

My appologies to Ian Anderson for the blatant immitation of his Aqualung album cover. It seemed appropriate to this endeavor, though, because I've always played the part of a beggar in the S.C.A.

Baron Daibhre - Balladeer (Beggar)
Available for the modest sum of US$12.00 plus S&H.

(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

CD #1:

1. On The Road to Easton Down

2. Cynnabar Fight Song

3. Dorne Mac Cie

4. Glories of the Heart

5. Not To Worry, Mother

6. The Middle Is For Me!

7. The Rune Field

CD #2:

1. Cyprian of the Wheel

2. Song for Eislin

3. The Magic Axe of Tarbeighwield (original recording)