This is a collection of "basement tapes" recorded in my hobby studio called (appropriately enough) "David's Little Studio."

Glass Freeway played local mid-Michigan gigs in the 70s - mostly cover tunes, but we would ocassionally slip in an original now and then. The problem was that most of our originals were not "dance-able" tunes. Although we got on the radio once (thanks WLAV), we never got much past family and friends with our distribution.

We played High School gigs, private parties, and free-stages, and a few wedding receptions during this "Volume One" stage of our modest career.

After a few years, the band membership changed, and our sound changed with it. A little less folk, a little more rock-n-roll...and a little more for the audience.

These are all original compositions, many written by me but some written in the studio as a result of jams and shared ideas.

Glass Freeway's Greatest Hits - Volume One
Available for the paltry sum of US$5.00 plus S&H. Cheap!

(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

1. The Place You Love The Most

2. How Long Can I Go On?

3. I Hope You Understand

4. Yellow Moon

5. I Love, I Love You

6. Life Goes Drifting By

7. One Night With You

8. Devil-Eyed Woman

9. Give My Love A Chance

10. The Rush

11. Too Late!

12. Oom Pah!

13. Festival Time

14. Ah Yes (You Are A Star)