This is Volume Two in a collection of "basement tapes" recorded in my hobby studio called (appropriately enough) "David's Little Studio."

By this time in the Glass Freeway saga, the band membership changed, and our sound changed with it. A little less folk, a little more rock-n-roll...and a little more for the audience. Chandler's guitar work added great power-ballad punch to our tunes, and we were getting better at the recording process.

Considering that our studio was a hodge-podge of garage-sale parts, refurbished and hand-made gear (with a few exceptions), I think we did OK. The biggest challenge was doing more than four tracks at a time. Overdubbing, ping-ponging, and pegging the treble were our usual tools - though not by choice.

These are all original compositions by members of the band in various combinations.

Glass Freeway's Greatest Hits - Volume Two
Available for the paltry sum of US$5.00 plus S&H. Cheap!

(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

1. Sweet Paper Lady

2. Great Space Traveler

3. Blistahs on me Fingahs!

4. Hello Again

5. Calling Me

6. The Truth Shall Make You Free

7. Hello Universe

8. Enin Rebmun

9. Persuasions of Love

10. Freedom

11. Skyrat / Where You Been?

12. The American

13. Younger Days