Golden. A new CD relating the story of King Midas. This set of tunes is a "contata" — stage musical / performance piece — intended to be performed by a troupe of singers, each taking on the role of a character in ther story.

Rough Soundtrack CD + Sheet Music for Piano and Chorus
Available for the modest sum of US$25.00 plus S&H.

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It started costing money.)

1. He's Made A Name For Himself

2. All That Glitters (Part One)

3. In The Courts of Gordius

4. Ankara Part 1 / Part 2

5. Golden Sun

6. Silenus Ariveth

7. Silenus Departeth

8. The Oracle of Dionysus (Part One)

9. All That Glitters (Part Two)

10. All That Glitters (Part Three)

11. The Oracle of Dionysus (Part Two)

12. You're Gonna Owe Me Big

13. Wash Away The Magic

14. My Greatest Treasure