Great Big Change. This is a rather hap-hazard collection of songs written in early 2004. The recording begins with a seven tunes in the country-pop flavor - love songs, novelty songs - then shifts gears with a five Christian songs. Then beings the "bonus track" called "Silent Movie Suite." This suite (18 minutes or so) is an experiment in instrumental music that follows the adventures of a damsel in distress. (The details are in the liner notes).

It’s A Great Big Change
Available for the modest sum of US$10.00 plus S&H.

(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

1. Wanted

2. Automobile

3. Sun's Gonna Rise

4. Great Big Change

5. More Than I Bargained For

6. Gettin' Away

7. Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

8. Give Yourself Up

9. The Real Deal

10. Narrow, Narrow Path

11. Let Go and Let God

12. Out of the Grave

13. Silent Movie Suite