The summer of 2005 brought further progress in my recording tools and techniques (althought I've stilla ways to go!), and a continuing stream of words and music. This CD contains a variety of styles and orchestrations, from country swing to pop rock to folk, and from acoustic instruments to sequenced synthesizers. (I rarely have much "Spare Time" - but I seem to find some when Euterpe calls my name.)

David McCord,
"In My Spare Time"

Available for the modest sum of US$10.00 plus S&H.

(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

Angels of Darwin 

A Simple Faith

Glass Half Empty

It Don't Bother Me A Lot 

Laughin All Alone

Today's Gonna Be My Day

On The Edge 

Is It You?

In My Spare Time 

I Got Friends

Singin' In Church 

Pass Away

They Fell In Love

O Heartbound Companions

It's All One Big Thing

The Bonnie Young Dancer