During the summer of 2005 I found myself writing a series of songs about "communication" (or lack of it). This collection is mostly about words. As the script on the front says: "...a treatise on the inadequacy of erudition and the falacy of human language to convey the essence of experience, emotion, and subjective cognizance." (Sorry - I get verbose at times.)

David McCord,

Available for the modest sum of US$10.00 plus S&H.

(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

Someone Will Say Goodbye


Don't Know What To Say

It's All Just Noise To Me


What I Mean Is... 

Do I Hear?

The Artist's Gone Away

All The Words In The World

Mais Quoi Je Peux Dire?

Nobody Told Me!

But Who's Counting?